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From Pinterest Inspiration to Custom Cabinets: How To Survive Your Kitchen Renovation

October 6, 2017
Family Kitchen Remodel

The kitchen is the heart of the home. From early morning routines to bedtime snacks, it’s also the busiest room in the house! However, just because your kitchen is always being used, doesn’t mean that you should let it deteriorate. Your kitchen should not only be functional, but beautiful. Are you ready to dive in to your kitchen renovations? Knowing how to prepare and what to expect throughout the process is a great way to avoid pitfalls.


Find Inspiration

Before you start making design decisions, it’s important to get a good idea of what you like and dislike. Websites like Pinterest or Houzz are great places to start exploring new trends and classic looks. Think about color schemes and new appliances, as well as staples like quality cabinets. Narrow down your likes to a couple options that you can discuss with a contractor or your subcontractors.


Make a Plan

After the initial dreaming, the next step is deciding on a budget. Homeowners typically spend a range of $12,594 to $33,118 on their kitchen renovations, so where will you fall on the spectrum? Part of developing a realistic budget is deciding what parts, if any, of the renovation you can do yourself, and which parts will be done by professionals. A good rule of thumb is to contract out anything that makes you feel nervous or uncomfortable. Save the stress, and get an expert to do it right the first time. Your subcontractors will also be able to help you choose the best materials within your budget, and even create 3D computer drawings so that you know what the finished product will look like.


Get Started

There’s only so much planning you can do before it’s time to get started on your big project! Schedule time with your carpenters, plumbers, and other subcontractors, or block out time in your own calendar if you’re doing the renovations yourself. Now that you’re in the thick of kitchen remodeling, it’s important to do a few things to keep you sane throughout the process. Saving space for a temporary kitchen, buying disposable dishware, or planning weekend getaways are all ways to relieve the stress of a kitchen renovation (House & Home).


Add the Finishing Touches

Once the counters are in place and the cabinets are painted, it’s time to make your new kitchen feel like home! Restock your shelves with essentials and put the finishing touches on your home decor. Take this opportunity to declutter by making a donation box with outdated decorations, appliances you never use, and mismatched plates. Now it’s time to enjoy your new space by inviting over your best friends and making your favorite meal!


Whatever your kitchen style, having a process in place for your renovation will help create a seamless transition from old to new. Finding talented subcontractors in your area is important for that beautiful before-and-after difference! Luckily, Sorrell’s Cabinet Company’s service area is a 50 mile radius of Lillington, SC for your convenience. Visit our website or call us at 919-639-4320 today for gorgeous, custom-made cabinets to make the most of your new kitchen renovation!



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